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We have a proven track record of success, working with a diverse range of clients across various industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, and manufacturing. Our team of HR experts has extensive experience in managing HR functions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.

Bringing Value To Your Business

We help small & medium sized businesses deliver great HR Solutions

Employment Pass Processing

Expatriate Documentation Processing such as Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass, Social Visit Pass, Dependent Pass etc.

Recruitment and Staffing

This service involves finding and recruiting qualified candidates (Local and Foreign) for a variety of roles in an organization. It includes job posting, resume screening, candidate interviews, reference checks, and applicant tracking.

ICT and ESD Registration

For IT background companies and Non-IT which will fall under Expatriate Services Division.

Malaysia Digital (MD) Status Application

XCSMS comprises of experienced consultants that are pioneers in providing PRE and POST MD Status consulting services. Our business consultants will assist you on your business planning documentations that needs to be submitted for presentation at MDEC for a speedy approval on MD Status application.

Company Formation

Company Registration and Business Licensing Applications according to the nature of the business.


Payroll service provided by us for your business to reduce workload of payroll related services.

About XCS Management

Dedicated to bring SUCCESS

XCSMS is a leading provider of HR solutions that help organizations of all sizes streamline their HR processes and improve their overall efficiency. With a team of experienced HR professionals and cutting-edge technology, XCSMS offers a comprehensive range of services that includes HR consulting, payroll processing, Expatriate Visa Processing, and talent management.


Founded in 2012, XCS Management Services has established a reputation for delivering top-quality HR services to clients across a variety of industries. The company’s focus on innovation and technology has enabled it to stay ahead of the curve and offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.


Our team of HR experts has extensive experience in working with businesses across various industries, including healthcare, finance, IT, manufacturing, and more. We are committed to understanding the unique needs and challenges of each client and delivering customized solutions that align with their goals and values.

XCSMS is available to work on both short and long-term arrangements, depending on the schedule, business vision, and finances. The firm assists clients in sorting through the unknown, managing risk, getting more done in a day in a profitable way, avoiding legal trouble, and much more.


Opting XCSMS implies that the client is working with an experienced professional who comprehends the intricacies of what they are attempting to accomplish and can provide sound advice on how to proceed. Whether one is looking to launch a startup, improve the efficiency of an existing business, or implement a new work model, the firm’s end-to-end HR consulting will help guide them on that journey. With XCSMS, clients can save time and frustration while also gaining peace of mind in knowing that they did the best thing for themselves and their business.


We help you understand how our HR end-to-end processes work and what to expect if you choose to pot in. Everything we do is geared toward maximizing workplace efficiency and productivity, as well as compatibility with our client’s culture and ethos,”